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Abbie Greenberg

My name is Abbie Greenberg. In addition to being the mom of seven wonderful children, I am a potter.  I began working with clay as a child.  I have been fortunate to learn with talented teachers in New York, Jerusalem, and beyond. My studio is a place of serenity in the beautiful, historical, and passionate city of Jerusalem.  

Feeling Centered Ceramics refers to the initial and key step of centering clay on the wheel as the first step in the creation of any piece.  It takes a long time to learn and can be a challenge, even for seasoned potters, depending on the type and size of the clay. It takes concentration.  With both the mind and body focused on the clay, other thoughts and worries get pushed aside. The process of centering the clay also centers the person. And though much of my work is not made on the wheel, for any ceramics project to be successful, focus, calm and lots of patience are required.  I hope that when you use the ceramics I make, you will feel some of that calm. 

Most of my work is functional tableware. There is a joy that comes from serving and eating food from a one-of-kind, hand-made vessel. My mother believes in using her “good china” every day. Her philosophy was passed on to me and I make my ceramics to be both beautiful and functional enough for daily meals.  I work to find a balance between vessels that are light and graceful and also solid enough that they can be used daily in a busy home and set out or washed up by little hands looking to help out. 

I am honored to provide you with beautiful objects you will use as you nourish your body and I hope using the dishes I make encourages you to take a bit of time each day to find your center. 

Feeling Centered Ceramics By Abbie Greenberg
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