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Colors and Textures

I love so many colors of clay from the grainy,  deep brown to the creamy white porcelain.   When it comes to glaze, I often fantasize about having one or two go-to glazes for all my work, but I am enthralled by the incredible depth of color that comes from layering glazes and slips.  A smooth, glossy finish is ideal for some pieces, yet the call to carve and stamp and roll texture into other pieces is irresistible to me.  All styles and finishes are food safe.



My mother used her “good china” every day. Her philosophy was passed on to me and I make ceramics that are beautiful yet functional enough for daily meals for a large family and busy household.  I work to find a balance between vessels that are light and graceful and also solid enough that they can be used daily.  Feeling Centered Ceramics dishes are ones you will be thrilled to pull out when you are hosting an adult dinner party.  They are also made for a family who loves serving food in beautiful handmade vessels and wants and expects the kids to help set the table and wash the dishes.  My work is made to withstand a few minor bumps here and there because who wants to spend money on something too fragile to enjoy?   Everything at Feeling Center Ceramics is microwave and dishwasher safe and nearly all dishes are oven safe. 

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